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Matrix-induced Linear Stark Effect of Single Dibenzoterrylene Molecules in 2,3-Dibromonaphthalene Crystal.

ABSTRACT: Absorption and fluorescence from single molecules can be tuned by applying an external electric field - a phenomenon known as the Stark effect. A linear Stark effect is associated to a lack of centrosymmetry of the guest in the host matrix. Centrosymmetric guests can display a linear Stark effect in disordered matrices, but the response of individual guest molecules is often relatively weak and non-uniform, with a broad distribution of the Stark coefficients. Here we introduce a novel single-molecule host-guest system, dibenzoterrylene (DBT) in 2,3-dibromonaphthalene (DBN) crystal. Fluorescent DBT molecules show excellent spectral stability with a large linear Stark effect, of the order of 1.5 GHz/kVcm-1 , corresponding to an electric dipole moment change of around 2 D. Remarkably, when the electric field is aligned with the a crystal axis, nearly all DBT molecules show either positive or negative Stark shifts with similar absolute values. These results are consistent with quantum chemistry calculations. Those indicate that DBT substitutes three DBN molecules along the a-axis, giving rise to eight equivalent embedding sites, related by the three glide planes of the orthorhombic crystal. The static dipole moment of DBT molecules is created by host-induced breaking of the inversion symmetry. This new host-guest system is promising for applications that require a high sensitivity of fluorescent emitters to electric fields, for example to probe weak electric fields.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6391937 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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