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Identification of Key Aroma Compounds in Type I Sourdough-Based Chinese Steamed Bread: Application of Untargeted Metabolomics Analysisp.

ABSTRACT: Untargeted metabolomics is a valuable tool to analyze metabolite profiles or aroma fingerprints of different food products. However, less attention has been paid to determining the aroma characteristics of Chinese steamed breads (CSBs) by using this approach. The aim of this work was to evaluate the key aroma compounds and their potential generation pathway in Chinese steamed bread produced with type I sourdough by a metabolomics approach. Based on the aroma characteristics analysis, CSBs produced with type I sourdough and baker's yeast were clearly distinguishable by principal component analysis (PCA) scores plot. A total of 13 compounds in sourdough-based steamed breads were given the status of discriminant markers through the untargeted metabolomics analysis. According to the odor activity values (OAVs) of discriminant aroma markers, ethyl acetate (fruity), ethyl lactate (caramel-like), hexyl acetate (fruity), (E)-2-nonenal (fatty) and 2-pentylfuran (fruity) were validated as the key volatile compounds in the breads produced with type I sourdough as compared to the baker's yeast leavened steamed bread. The metabolite analysis in proofed dough indicated that esters are mainly generated by the reaction between acid and alcohol during steaming, and aldehydes are derived from the oxidation of palmitoleic acid and linoleic acid during proofing and steaming.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6412449 | BioStudies |

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