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Earlier Dopaminergic Treatment in Parkinson's Disease Is Not Associated With Improved Outcomes.



The appropriate timing of dopaminergic treatment initiation in Parkinson's disease (PD) remains a matter of debate. The primary objective of this study was to determine whether earlier initiation of treatment was associated with less worsening of total UPDRS scores over 48 months.


We performed a secondary analysis of data from the CALM-PD (Comparison of the Agonist Pramipexole With Levodopa on Motor Complications of Parkinson's Disease) trial to examine the associations between years since diagnosis and 48-month changes in total and component UPDRS scores, Parkinson's Disease Quality of Life Scale (PDQUALIF) score, and the EuroQol-5D visual analogue scale (VAS) score.


There were no associations between years since PD diagnosis and 48-month changes in total UPDRS, component UPDRS scores, PDQUALIF score, or EuroQol-5D VAS score.


Earlier treatment was not associated with improved long-term outcomes in this secondary analysis. Prospective studies are required to determine the appropriate timing of initiation of dopaminergic treatment to inform clinical practice.

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