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Microvessel ultrasound of neonatal brain parenchyma: feasibility, reproducibility, and normal imaging features by superb microvascular imaging (SMI).

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the feasibility and reproducibility of superb microvascular imaging (SMI) of the neonatal brain and to describe normal imaging features. METHODS:We performed transcranial ultrasound with SMI in 19 healthy term-born neonates. SMI was done according to a structured examination protocol, using two linear 18 MHz and 14 MHz transducers. Superficial and deep scans were acquired in the coronal and sagittal planes, using the left and right superior frontal gyri as anatomical landmarks. All SMI views were imaged by monochrome and colour SMI and evaluated with respect to visibility of extrastriatal (i.e. cortical and medullary) and striatal microvessels. RESULTS:We have described normal morphologic features of intraparenchymal brain microvasculature as "short parallel" cortical vessels, "smoothly curved" medullary vessels, and deep striatal vessels. In general, SMI performance was better on coronal views than on sagittal views. On superficial coronal scans, cortical microvessels were identifiable in 90-100%, medullary microvessels in 95-100%. On deep scans, cortical and medullary microvessels were visible in all cases, while striatal microvessels were identifiable in 71% of cases. CONCLUSIONS:Cerebral SMI ultrasound is feasible and well-reproducible and provides a novel non-invasive imaging tool for the assessment of intraparenchymal brain microvasculature (extrastriatal and striatal microvessels) in neonates without the use of contrast. KEY POINTS:• Superb microvascular imaging (SMI) of the neonatal brain is feasible and reproducible. • SMI depicts extrastriatal and striatal microvessels. • SMI detects two types of extrastriatal microvessels: cortical and medullary.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6420458 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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