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Gendered perceptions of fairness in housework and shared expenses: Implications for relationship satisfaction and sex frequency.

ABSTRACT: There is a demonstrated relationship between couples' division of household chores-and, to a lesser extent, the division of shared expenses-and their relationship quality. Less is known, however, about whether and how individuals' perceived fairness of these arrangements is associated with couples' relationships in different ways. Using a gendered equity framework, and drawing on 10,236 responses collected via an online national news website, this study examines how equity evaluations of housework and shared expenses are related to relationship satisfaction and sex frequency among different-gender household partners. Consistent with previous findings, the results indicate that evaluations of unfairness to oneself are a stronger predictor of relationship quality than perceived unfairness to one's partner. Additionally, fairness evaluations over shared expenses are a stronger predictor of relationship quality than perceived equity in housework. Incorporating notions about traditional gender norms and expectations into the justice framework, the results point to some variation in relationship outcomes based on men's and women's differential equity evaluations.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6426245 | BioStudies |

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