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Nerve electrical stimulation enhances osseointegration of implants in the beagle.

ABSTRACT: Dental implantation has been the primary method for the treatment of tooth loss, but longer than 3 months healing times are generally required. Because immediate load implants are suitable only for certain categories of implant patients, it has value to develop a novel method to facilitate the implant-bone osseointegration process. Cylindrical titanium implants were implanted in the tooth sockets of beagles, and microelectrode stimulation of the sympathetic nerves in the infraorbital nerve was performed after implantation for 1 week. The authors found that one-sided nerve stimulation was shown to evoke consistent electric potential changes in both sides of the infraorbital nerves. Moreover, after 4 weeks of implantation, more new bone was clearly observed around the implants in the beagles that received electrical stimulation treatment than was observed in the control animals. Furthermore, a higher mineralization density was measured in the new peri-implant bone tissues of the stimulated beagles when compared to controls. These results demonstrate that the simple and safe physical method of microelectrode stimulation to sympathetic nerves can promote the formation of new bone and the osseointegration of implants. This technique is worth promoting and has the potential to reduce the healing time of dental implantation in future clinical cases.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6427028 | BioStudies |

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