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Description of three new Peptoniphilus species cultured in the vaginal fluid of a woman diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis: Peptoniphilus pacaensis sp. nov., Peptoniphilus raoultii sp. nov., and Peptoniphilus vaginalis sp. nov.

ABSTRACT: Three previously unidentified Gram-positive anaerobic coccoid bacteria, strains KhD-2T , KHD4T , and Kh-D5T , isolated from a vaginal swab, were characterized using the taxonogenomics concept. The phylogenic analysis, phenotypic characteristics, and genotypic data presented in this report attest that these three bacteria are distinct from previously known bacterial species with standing in nomenclature and represent three new Peptoniphilus species. Strain KhD-2T is most closely related to Peptoniphilus sp. DNF00840 and Peptoniphilus harei (99.7% and 98.2% identity, respectively); strain KHD4T to Peptoniphilus lacrimalis (96%) and strain Kh-D5T to Peptoniphilus coxii (97.2%). Strains KhD-2T , KHD4T , and Kh-D5T DNA G+C contents are, respectively, 34.23%, 31.87%, and 49.38%; their major fatty acid was C16:0 (41.6%, 32.0%, and 36.4%, respectively). We propose that strains KhD-2T (=CSUR P0125 = DSM 101742), KHD4T (=CSUR P0110 = CECT 9308), and Kh-D5T (=CSUR P2271 = DSM 101839) be the type strains of the new species for which the names Peptoniphilus vaginalis sp. nov., Peptoniphilus raoultii sp. nov., and Peptoniphilu pacaensis sp. nov., are proposed, respectively.

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