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Photo-hydrogen and lipid production from lactate, acetate, butyrate, and sugar manufacturing wastewater with an alternative nitrogen source by Rhodobacter sp. KKU-PS1.

ABSTRACT: Photo-hydrogen and lipid production from individual synthetic volatile fatty acids (VFAs) and sugar manufacturing wastewater (SMW) by Rhodobacter sp. KKU-PS1 with sodium glutamate or Aji-L (i.e., waste from the process of crystallizing monosodium glutamate) as a nitrogen source was investigated. Using individual synthetic VFAs, the maximum hydrogen production was achieved with Aji-L as a nitrogen source rather than sodium glutamate. The maximum hydrogen production was 1,727, 754 and 1,353 mL H2/L, respectively, using 25 mM of lactate, 40 mM of acetate and 15mM of butyrate as substrates. Under these conditions, lipid was produced in the range of 10.6-16.9% (w/w). Subsequently, photo-hydrogen and lipid production from SMW using Aji-L as nitrogen source was conducted. Maximal hydrogen production and hydrogen yields of 1,672 mL H2/L and 1.92 mol H2/mol substrate, respectively, were obtained. Additionally, lipid content and lipid production of 21.3% (w/w) and 475 mg lipid/L were achieved. The analysis of the lipid and fatty acid components revealed that triacyglycerol (TAG) and C18:1 methyl ester were the main lipid and fatty acid components, respectively, found in Rhodobacter sp. KKU-PS1 cells.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6451836 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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