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Association of Family History With Cancer Recurrence, Survival, and the Incidence of Colorectal Adenoma in Patients With Colorectal Cancer.



The influence of family history (FH) on cancer recurrence and survival among patients with established colorectal cancer (CRC) remains uncertain. This study aimed to evaluate the association of FH with cancer recurrence, survival, and the incidence of colorectal adenomas in patients with CRC.


Consecutive patients with stage III CRC diagnosed between 2004 and 2009 and followed-up in Severance Hospital were retrospectively enrolled and followed until December 2014. Overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) according to FH of CRC or colorectal neoplasm were evaluated using Cox proportional hazards regression and Kaplan-Meier curve.


Among analyzed 979 patients, 69 (7.0%) was identified as having a FH of CRC in a first-degree relative. During a median follow-up of 9.6 years, mortality occurred in 14 of 69 patients (20.3%) with a FH of CRC and 348 of 910 patients (38.2%) without a FH. Compared with patients without a FH, a first-degree FH of CRC, first or second-degree FH of CRC, and first-degree FH of colorectal neoplasm (CRC or polyps) were associated with a significant reduction in the risk of overall mortality, with adjusted hazard ratios (HRs) of 0.52 (95% CI, 0.29-0.92), 0.51 (95% CI, 0.30-0.88), and 0.48 (95% CI, 0.28-0.82), respectively. However, DFS improvement was significant only when the definition of FH was FH of colorectal neoplasm (adjusted HR 0.57; 95% CI, 0.36-0.89). The incidence of adenoma and advanced adenoma was not different according to the FH.


Among patients with stage III CRC receiving curative surgery, a FH of colorectal neoplasm was associated with a reduction in cancer recurrence and mortality. The larger scaled studies are needed.

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