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Cell lines and immune classification of glioblastoma define patient's prognosis.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Prognostic markers for glioblastoma are lacking. Both intrinsic tumour characteristics and microenvironment could influence cancer prognostic. The aim of our study was to generate a pure glioblastoma cell lines and immune classification in order to decipher the respective role of glioblastoma cell and microenvironment on prognosis. METHODS:We worked on two large cohorts of patients suffering from glioblastoma (TCGA, n?=?481 and Rembrandt, n?=?180) for which clinical data, transcriptomic profiles and outcome were recorded. Transcriptomic profiles of 129 pure glioblastoma cell lines were clustered to generate a glioblastoma cell lines classification. Presence of subtypes of glioblastoma cell lines and immune cells was determined using deconvolution. RESULTS:Glioblastoma cell lines classification defined three new molecular groups called oncogenic, metabolic and neuronal communication enriched. Neuronal communication-enriched tumours were associated with poor prognosis in both cohorts. Immune cell infiltrate was more frequent in mesenchymal classical classification subgroup and metabolic-enriched tumours. A combination of age, glioblastoma cell lines classification and immune classification could be used to determine patient's outcome in both cohorts. CONCLUSIONS:Our study shows that glioblastoma-bearing patients can be classified based on their age, glioblastoma cell lines classification and immune classification. The combination of these information improves the capacity to address prognosis.

SUBMITTER: Klopfenstein Q 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6474266 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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