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Ultra-High Pressure (>30,000 psi) Packing of Capillary Columns Enhancing Depth of Shotgun Proteomic Analyses.

ABSTRACT: Extreme sample complexity is an inherent challenge in shotgun proteomics that positions quality of chromatographic separations as one of the key determinants of attainable proteome coverage. In search of better separations, macroscopic physical characteristics of capillary columns, i.e., length and properties of stationary phase particles, are typically considered and optimized, while significance of packing bed morphology is frequently underappreciated. Here, we describe a technology that enables packing of capillary columns at excess of 30,000 psi and demonstrate that such columns exhibit reduced backpressure and remarkably reproducible chromatographic performance, improved on average by 23%. These enhancements afford up to 35% increase in the depth of commonplace bottom-up proteomic analyses, owning to augmented sensitivity and resolution of peptide separations and improvements in spectral quality. Our findings strongly corroborate advantages of ultra-high pressure packing of capillary columns for diverse shotgun proteomic workflows.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6478162 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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