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SLTChemDB: A database of chemical compounds present in Smokeless tobacco products.

ABSTRACT: Smokeless tobacco (SLT), a cause of potentially preventable diseases, has a diverse chemical composition encompassing toxicants as well as potent carcinogens. Though the chemical profile of SLT products has been analyzed earlier, this information is not available in a comprehensive and easily accessible format. Hence, there is an imperative felt need to develop a one-stop information source providing inclusive information on SLT products. SLTChemDB is the first such database that makes available detailed information on various properties of chemical compounds identified across different brands of SLT products. The primary information for the database was extracted through extensive literature search, which was further curated from popular chemical web servers and databases. At present, SLTChemDB contains comprehensive information on 233 unique chemical compounds and 82 SLT products. The database has been made user-friendly with facility for systematic search and filters. SLTChemDB would provide the initial data on chemical compounds in SLT products to various tobacco testing laboratories. The database also highlights research gaps and thus, would be a guide for researchers interested in chemistry and toxicology of SLT products. With regular update of information in the database, it shall be a valuable evidence base for policymakers to formulate stringent policies for SLT control.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6509116 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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