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Angiopoietin-like-3 knockout protects against glomerulosclerosis in murine adriamycin-induced nephropathy by attenuating podocyte loss.



Angiopoietin-like-3 (Angptl3) knockout is known for its protective effects on podocyte injury and proteinuria in the early stage of adriamycin (ADR) nephropathy. The current study re-evaluated the renoprotective effect of Angptl3 knockout in chronic ADR nephropathy and attempted to explore the mechanism underlying the effect associated with Angptl3 knockout in glomerulosclerosis.


B6; 129S5 mice were injected with ADR to induce nephropathy. Kidney structure and serum and urine parameters were observed during long-term follow-up. Cultured primary mouse podocytes were exposed to ADR and analyzed for the expression of some relative proteins. Podocyte loss was analyzed in both in vivo and in vitro experiments.


Angptl3 knockout attenuated proteinuria and hypoproteinemia, protected renal structure and function, and improved the survival of mice over the whole process of ADR nephropathy. Furthermore, Angptl3 knockout reduced the numbers of the detached and apoptotic cells in the renal tissue and alleviated podocyte loss in mice with ADR chronic nephropathy, thereby, delaying the glomerulosclerosis formation. Additional results in vitro showed that Angptl3 knockout attenuated ADR-induced primary podocyte loss, including podocyte detachment and apoptosis.


In addition to serving a renoprotective role in the early stage of ADR nephropathy, Angptl3 knockout contributed to disease amelioration throughout the ADR nephropathy process. Angptl3 knockout effectively delayed glomerulosclerosis formation by attenuating podocyte loss through rescuing podocytes from detachment and apoptosis. Angptl3 antagonists or inhibitors might have therapeutic potential in the occurrence and progression of nephropathy.

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