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Cherenkov Radiation-Mediated In?Situ Excitation of Discrete Luminescent Lanthanide Complexes.

ABSTRACT: Lanthanide luminescence, while ideal for in?vivo applications owing to sharp emission bands within the optical window, requires high-intensity, short-wavelength excitation of small organic "antenna" chromophores in the vicinity of the lanthanide complex to access excited f-orbital states through intersystem crossing. Herein, we explored Cherenkov radiation of the radioisotopes 18 F and 89 Zr as an in?situ source of antenna excitation. The effective inter- and intramolecular excitation of the terbium(III) complexes of a macrocylic polyaminocarboxylate ligand (hydration number (q)=0, quantum yield (?)=47?%) as well as its analogue functionalized to append an intramolecular Cherenkov excitation source (q=0.07, ?=63?%) was achieved. Using conventional small-animal fluorescence imaging equipment, we have determined a detection limit of 2.5?nmol of Tb(III) complex in presence of 10??Ci of 18 F or 89 Zr. Our system is the first demonstration of the optical imaging of discrete luminescent lanthanide complexes without external short-wave excitation.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6560361 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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