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Carcinogen-induced bladder cancer in the FVB mouse strain is associated with glandular differentiation and increased Cd274/Pdl-1 expression.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Creation of genetically engineered mouse models of bladder cancer often involves the use of several background strains in conjunction with the carcinogen N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl) nitrosamine (BBN). However, carcinogen susceptibility in commonly used strains, as well as phenotypic differences is not well characterized. OBJECTIVES:To determine differences in susceptibility and phenotypic outcome following BBN exposure of C57BL/6 and FVB, two strains commonly used for model development. METHODS:Male C57BL/6 and FVB mice were exposed to BBN (0.05%) in drinking water for 12 and 16 weeks. Dissected bladders were characterized by histological and immunohistochemical analyses. Gene Ontology analysis was performed to identify differences in gene expression across strains following BBN exposure. RESULTS:While the C57BL/6 strain developed non-invasive tumors, FVB mice developed muscle invasive bladder cancer with squamous and/or glandular differentiation. Glandular differentiation was exclusively observed in the FVB strain. FVB tumors were highly immunogenic and inflamed by the presence of high expression of Cd274 (Pdl-1), murine histocompatibility complex (H2) and pro-inflammatory cytokines (Il-5 and Il-17). CONCLUSIONS:Following BBN exposure, FVB mice undergo rapid tumorigenesis and disease progression characterized by Pdl-1 expression and development of glandular differentiation. These studies identify a degree of tumor heterogeneity in the FVB tumors previously undescribed, and identify FVB mice as a potentially useful model for the study of bladder adenocarcinoma and the inflammatory tumor microenvironment.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6627545 | BioStudies |

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