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Glycemic Index of Slowly Digestible Carbohydrate Alone and in Powdered Drink-Mix.

ABSTRACT: Consumer interest in food and beverages with carbohydrates offering steady glucose release and lower glycemic index (GI) continues to rise. Glycemic index is one of the metrics for carbohydrate quality. Slowly digestible carbohydrates (SDC) offer an ingredient solution to improve carbohydrate quality and meet consumer needs. SUSTRATM 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate is a blend of tapioca flour and corn starch. The study objective was to determine the glycemic index of the SDC ingredient alone and in a powdered drink-mix. In a randomized, single-blind study, heathy adults (n = 14) consumed four test drinks, delivering 50 g available carbohydrates on separate days to measure GI. Participants either consumed dextrose in water (placebo), SDC ingredient in water, SDC drink-mix powder reconstituted in skim milk, or control drink-mix reconstituted in skim milk (without SDC). Post-prandial glucose response was measured over 4 h. SDC exhibited lower GI (0-2 h) and higher steady glucose release (beyond 2 h). SDC alone (GI = 27) and SDC in drink-mix (GI = 30.3) showed significantly lower GI (-27%) compared to dextrose (100) and the control drink-mix (41.5). SUSTRATM 2434 SDC is a low glycemic ingredient, suitable for product innovations with potential for low glycemic and steady glucose release claims.

SUBMITTER: Gourineni V 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6627922 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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