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Dietary protein restriction increases hepatic leptin receptor mRNA and plasma soluble leptin receptor in male rodents.

ABSTRACT: Leptin is an adipokine that regulates adipose tissue mass through membrane-anchored leptin receptor (Ob-R). Extracellular domain of Ob-R in plasma is called soluble leptin receptor (sOb-R), and is the main leptin-binding protein. Based on a previous DNA microarray analysis that showed induction of hepatic Ob-R mRNA in low-protein diet-fed mice, this study aimed to clarify the effect of dietary protein restriction on hepatic Ob-R mRNA and plasma sOb-R levels. First, the effect of protein restriction on hepatic Ob-R mRNA level was examined together with fasting and food restriction using male rats as common experimental model for nutritional research. Hepatic Ob-R mRNA level was increased by feeding low-protein diet for 7 d, although not significantly influenced by 12-h fasting and sixty percent restriction in food consumption. Then, effect of protein restriction on liver Ob-R and plasma sOb-R was investigated using male mice because specific sOb-R ELISA was more available for mice. Hepatic Ob-R mRNA level was also increased in protein restricted-mice although it did not increase in hypothalamus. Hepatic Ob-R protein was decreased, whereas plasma sOb-R was increased by protein restriction. Because the concentration of sOb-R increased without changing plasma leptin concentration, free leptin in plasma was significantly reduced. The direct effect of amino acid deprivation on Ob-R mRNA level was not observed in rat hepatoma cells H4IIE cultured in amino acid deprived medium. In conclusion, dietary protein restriction increased hepatic Ob-R mRNA, resulting in increased plasma sOb-R concentration, which in turn, reduces plasma free leptin level and may modulate leptin activity.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6629078 | BioStudies |

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