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Investigating the effect of lifestyle risk factors upon number of aspirated and mature oocytes in in vitro fertilization cycles: Interaction with antral follicle count.



There is evidence demonstrating that certain lifestyle factors have a detrimental effect on fertility. Since such factors often coexist, possible synergistic effects merit further investigation. Thus we aimed to examine the cumulative impact of lifestyle factors on in vitro fertilization (IVF) early reproductive treatment outcomes and their interaction with measures of ovarian reserve.

Materials and methods

By following women who were starting their first fresh IVF cycle in 2 cohorts, the "Lifestyle study cohort" (hypothesis generating cohort, n = 242) and the "UppSTART study" (validation cohort, n = 432) in Sweden, we identified two significant risk factors acting independently, smoking and BMI, and then further assessed their cumulative effects.


Women with both these risk factors had an Incidence Rate Ratio (IRR) of 0.75 [(95% CI 0.61-0.94)] regarding the number of aspirated oocytes compared to women without these risk factors. Concerning the proportion of mature oocytes in relation to the total number of aspirated oocytes, the interaction between BMI and Antral Follicle Count (AFC) was significant (p-value 0.045): the lower the value of AFC, the more harmful the effect of BMI with the outcome.


Data shows that there is an individual as well as a cumulative effect of smoking and BMI on the number of aspirated and mature oocytes in fresh IVF treatment cycles. AFC might modify associations between BMI and the proportion of mature oocytes in relation to the total number of aspirated oocytes. These results highlight the importance of lifestyle factors on IVF early reproductive outcomes and provide additional evidence for the importance of preconception guidance for the optimization of IVF cycle outcome.

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