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Perfusion of the placenta assessed using arterial spin labeling and ferumoxytol dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in the rhesus macaque.

ABSTRACT: PURPOSE:To investigate the correspondence between arterial spin labeling (ASL) flow-sensitive alternating inversion recovery (FAIR) and ferumoxytol DCE MRI for the assessment of placental intervillous perfusion. METHODS:Ten pregnant macaques in late second trimester were imaged at 3 T using a 2D ASL FAIR, with and without outer-volume saturation pulses used to control the bolus width, and a 3D ferumoxytol DCE-MRI acquisition. The ASL tagged/control pairs were averaged, subtracted, and normalized to create perfusion ratio maps. Contrast arrival time and uptake slope were estimated by fitting the DCE data to a sigmoid function. Macaques (N = 4) received interleukin-1? to induce inflammation and disrupt perfusion. RESULTS:The FAIR tag modification with outer-volume saturation reduced the median ASL ratio percentage compared with conventional FAIR (0.64% ± 1.42% versus 0.71% ± 2.00%; P < .05). Extended ferumoxytol arrival times (34 ± 25 seconds) were observed across the placenta. No significant DCE signal change was measured in fetal tissue ( - 0.6% ± 3.0%; P = .52) or amniotic fluid (1.9% ± 8.8%; P = .59). High ASL ratio was significantly correlated with early arrival time and high uptake slope (P < .05), but ASL signal was not above noise in late-DCE-enhancing regions. No significant differences were observed in perfusion measurements between the interleukin-1? and controls (P > .05). CONCLUSION:The ASL-FAIR and ferumoxytol DCE-MRI methods are feasible to detect early blood delivery to the macaque placenta. Outer volume saturation reduced the high macrovascular ASL signal. Interleukin-1? exposure did not alter placental intervillous perfusion. An endogenous-labeling perfusion technique is limited due to extended transit times for flow within the placenta beyond the immediate vicinity of the maternal spiral arteries.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6715150 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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