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Morphology-tunable and pH-responsive supramolecular self-assemblies based on AB2-type host-guest-conjugated amphiphilic molecules for controlled drug delivery.

ABSTRACT: Although stimuli-responsive supramolecular self-assemblies have been constructed, the controlled drug delivery induced by morphology transitions of these supramolecular self-assemblies on the basis of host-guest-conjugated monomers (HGCMs) are few reported. In this paper, the self-assembly behaviors of AB2-type HGCMs, e.g., β-cyclodextrin-benzimidazole2 (β-CD-BM2), were investigated at neutral and acidic pH conditions, respectively. Specifically, β-CD-BM2 first self-assembled into fan-shaped supramolecular self-assemblies with a hydrodynamic diameter of 163 nm at neutral pH, whereas they were further dissociated into spherical supramolecular self-assemblies with a size of 52 nm under acidic conditions. This morphology transition process was utilized to conduct a two-stage DOX delivery under neutral and acidic pH. Basic cell experiments demonstrated that the drug-loaded β-CD-BM2-based supramolecular self-assemblies with varied morphology could inhibit cancer cell proliferation, indicating their potential application in the field of drug delivery.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6720476 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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