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Primary ilizarov external fixation in open grade III type C distal femur fractures: Our experience.

ABSTRACT: Introduction:Open comminuted distal femur fractures are notorious for septic or aseptic non-union. The recommended fixed angle distal femur locking plate in such situations can lead to a septic non-union due to its extensive approach and further periosteal stripping. Supracondylar nails, though have a minimally invasive approach, are not suitable for type C2 and C3 (AO/ASIF) fractures. A monolateral fixator as damage control followed by plating may be recommended. But if wound healing is delayed it results in difficult articular reduction, poor alignment and a stiff knee. We therefore used ilizarov circular external fixators (ICEF) for such open fractures (type C1, C2 and C3) and analysed its radiological and functional outcomes. Materials and methods:25 male patients, with a mean age of 31.04?±?6.62 years (range, 22-44 years), with open grade III type C distal femoral fractures were treated with ICEF. There were 7 fractures of type C1and C3 each, 11 were of type C2. Articular reduction and compression was achieved with inter-fragmentary screws through minimal open technique by extending the open wound and then stabilising the fracture with ICEF. The main outcomes evaluated were union, range of motion, final shortening, Knee Society scoring and ASAMI scoring system for radiological and functional outcomes. Results:The mean follow-up period was 19.12?±?1.14 months. All fractures except two united at a mean period of 30?±?3.02 weeks, without the need of bone grafts. The bony assessment (according to ASAMI score) was excellent in 8 cases (33.33%), good in 9 cases (37.5%) and fair in 5 cases (20.83%), while there were 2 poor clinical end results. The functional results were excellent in 6 cases (25%), good in 9 cases (37.5%) fair in 6 cases (25%) poor in 3 cases (12.5%). The complications included shortening, extension lag and pin tract infections. Conclusion:With the encouraging results, the use of ICEF with minimal internal fixation in grade III open comminuted distal femur fractures as a primary definitive treatment is a valuable alternative.

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