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Diagnostic Yield of Epilepsy Panel Testing in Patients With Seizure Onset Within the First Year of Life.

ABSTRACT: Purpose: We aimed to evaluate the diagnostic yield of epilepsy gene panel testing in epilepsy patients whose seizures began within the first year after birth. We included 112 patients with seizure onset before 12 months and no known etiology. Methods: Deep targeted sequencing with a custom-designed capture probe was performed to ensure the detection of germline or mosaic sequence variants and copy number variations (CNVs). Results: We identified pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants in 53 patients (47.3%, 53/112), including five with pathogenic CNVs. Two putative pathogenic mosaic variants in SCN8A and KCNQ2 were also detected and validated. Those with neonatal onset (61.5%, 16/26) or early infantile onset (50.0%, 29/58) showed higher diagnostic rates than those with late infantile onset (28.5%, 8/28). The diagnostic rate was similar between patients with a specific syndrome (51.9%, 27/52) and those with no recognizable syndrome (43.3%, 26/60). Conclusion: Epilepsy gene panel testing identified a genetic cause in nearly half of the infantile onset epilepsy patients. Since the phenotypic spectrum is expanding and characterizing it at seizure onset is difficult, this group should be prioritized for epilepsy gene panel testing.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6753218 | BioStudies |

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