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Noninvasive prenatal screening test for compound heterozygous beta thalassemia using an amplification refractory mutation system real-time polymerase chain reaction technique.

ABSTRACT: We propose using a modified amplification refractory mutation system real-time polymerase chain reaction (ARMS RTPCR) technique to exclude the invasive prenatal diagnosis for a non-paternally inherited beta thalassemia mutation in couples atrisk for having a baby with CHBT. The ARMS RT-PCR method was performed for 36 at-risk couples by using isolated fetal cell-free DNA from maternal plasma. The modified ARMS RT-PCR primers targeted one of the following paternally inherited beta thalassemia mutation: -28 A?G, CD17 A?T, CD 26 G?A, IVS1-1 G?T and CD 41-42 -CTTT. The method could be successfully employed for NIPST starting with the 7th week of gestation. The results showed that 19 pregnant women were negative for PIBTM (53%). After an on-track and on-time of one year, including postnatal thalassemia blood tests, none of the babies showed symptoms or signs of beta thalassemia disease. We concluded that the modified ARMS RT-PCR method was an accurate, cost-effective and feasible method for use as a NIPST for at-risk couples with the potential of having a baby with CHBT.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6761473 | BioStudies |

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2016-12-01 | GSE69319 | GEO