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Collective multipole oscillations direct the plasmonic coupling at the nanojunction interfaces.

ABSTRACT: We present a systematic study of the effect of higher-multipolar order plasmon modes on the spectral response and plasmonic coupling of silver nanoparticle dimers at nanojunction separation and introduce a coupling mechanism. The most prominent plasmonic band within the extinction spectra of coupled resonators is the dipolar coupling band. A detailed calculation of the plasmonic coupling between equivalent particles suggests that the coupling is not limited to the overlap between the main bands of individual particles but can also be affected by the contribution of the higher-order modes in the multipolar region. This requires an appropriate description of the mechanism that goes beyond the general coupling phenomenon introduced as the plasmonic ruler equation in 2007. In the present work, we found that the plasmonic coupling of nearby Ag nanocubes does not only depend on the plasmonic properties of the main band. The results suggest the decay length of the higher-order plasmon mode is more sensitive to changes in the magnitude of the interparticle axis and is a function of the gap size. For cubic particles, the contribution of the higher-order modes becomes significant due to the high density of oscillating dipoles localized on the corners. This gives rise to changes in the decay length of the plasmonic ruler equation. For spherical particles, as the size of the particle increases (i.e., ?80 nm), the number of dipoles increases, which results in higher dipole-multipole interactions. This exhibits a strong impact on the plasmonic coupling, even at long separation distances (20 nm).

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6765250 | BioStudies |

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