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Effect of HCOOK/Ethanol on Fe/HUSY, Ni/HUSY, and Ni-Fe/HUSY Catalysts on Lignin Depolymerization to Benzyl Alcohols and Bioaromatics.

ABSTRACT: We have investigated the production of benzyl alcohols and bioaromatics via the reductive lignin depolymerization process over Fe/H-style ultrastable Y (HUSY), Ni/HUSY, and Ni-Fe/HUSY catalysts using HCOOK/ETOH in air. Synergy effect between HCOOK and the catalysts improved the depolymerization process, resulting in a higher bio-oil recovery. HCOOK does not act solely as an in situ hydrogen source; it also interacts with lignin to enable its initial depolymerization via a base-catalyzed mechanism to low-molecular-weight fragments, and in tandem with the catalyst, the hydrogenolysis rate of the depolymerized lignin monomers was enhanced. Fe/HUSY displayed an excellent activity for the catalytic reductive step in contrast to Ni/HUSY and Ni-Fe/HUSY by facilitating methoxy group removal via hydrogenolysis, thereby contributing to the yield and stabilization of the low-molecular-weight aromatics [diethyl ether (DEE)-soluble products]. Fe/HUSY gave the highest DEE product yield of >99 wt % and a total benzyl alcohol yield of 16 wt % with a total selectivity of 47 wt % (60 wt % for aromatic alcohols). Fe/HUSY was reused for the lignin depolymerization reaction without much loss of its initial activity, giving 13 wt % yield of benzyl alcohols with a selectivity of 58 wt % (77 wt % for aromatic alcohols).

SUBMITTER: Wanmolee W 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6796940 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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