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A Solid-State Hard Microfluidic-Nanopore Biosensor with Multilayer Fluidics and On-Chip Bioassay/Purification Chamber.

ABSTRACT: Solid-state nanopores are an emerging biosensor for nucleic acid and protein characterization. For use in a clinical setting, solid-state nanopore sensing requires sample preparation and purification, fluid handling, a heating element, electrical noise insulators, and an electrical readout detector, all of which hamper its translation to a point-of-care diagnostic device. A stand-alone microfluidic-based nanopore device is described that combines a bioassay reaction/purification chamber with a solid-state nanopore sensor. The microfluidic device is composed of the high-temperature/solvent resistance Zeonex plastic, formed via micro-machining and heat bonding, enabling the use of both a heat regulator and a magnetic controller. Fluid control through the microfluidic channels and chambers is controlled via fluid port selector valves and allows up-to eight different solutions. Electrical noise measurements and DNA translocation experiments demonstrate the integrity of the device, with performance comparable to a conventional stand-alone nanopore setup. However, the microfluidic-nanopore setup is superior in terms of ease of use. To showcase the utility of the device, single molecule detection of a DNA PCR product, after magnetic bead DNA separation, is accomplished on chip.

SUBMITTER: Varongchayakul N 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6800661 | BioStudies | 2018-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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