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3397 Genetic variants in gestational diabetes mellitus

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVES/SPECIFIC AIMS: This study aims to identify genetic biomarkers of GDM and facilitate the understanding of its molecular underpinnings. METHODS/STUDY POPULATION: We identified a cohort of mothers diagnosed with GDM in our longitudinal birth study by mining Electronic Health Records of participants utilizing PheCode map with ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. We verified each case using ACOG’s GDM diagnosis criteria. RESULTS/ANTICIPATED RESULTS: Whole genome sequencing (WGS) data were available for 111 confirmed cases (out of 205) and 706 controls (out of 1,429) from different ancestries (412 EUR, 256 AMR, 56 EAS, 26 SAS and 18 AFR; 49 OTHER). SAS had the highest incidence of GDM at 38.46% and EUR had the lowest at 6.55%. We performed logistic regression using computed ancestry, age and BMI as covariates to determine if any variants are associated with GDM. The top variant (rs139014401) was found in an intron of DFFB gene, which is p53-bound and regulates DNA fragmentation during apoptosis. We will investigate the robustness of 49 identified variants and will separate the cohort by ancestry to detect population-specific differences in the top loci. DISCUSSION/SIGNIFICANCE OF IMPACT: Identification of molecular biomarkers in GDM across different ancestral backgrounds will address a gap in current GDM research. Findings may enhance screening and enable clinicians to identify those at risk for developing GDM earlier in the pregnancy. Early management of mothers at risk may lead to better health outcomes for mother and baby.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6808337 | BioStudies |

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