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Label-Free Automated Cell Tracking: Analysis of the Role of E-cadherin Expression in Collective Electrotaxis.

ABSTRACT: Collective cell migration plays an important role in wound healing, organogenesis, and the progression of metastatic disease. Analysis of collective migration typically involves laborious and time-consuming manual tracking of individual cells within cell clusters over several dozen or hundreds of frames. Herein, we develop a label-free, automated algorithm to identify and track individual epithelial cells within a free-moving cluster. We use this algorithm to analyze the effects of partial E-cadherin knockdown on collective migration of MCF-10A breast epithelial cells directed by an electric field. Our data show that E-cadherin knockdown in free-moving cell clusters diminishes electrotactic potential, with empty vector MCF-10A cells showing 16% higher directedness than cells with E-cadherin knockdown. Decreased electrotaxis is also observed in isolated cells at intermediate electric fields, suggesting an adhesion-independent role of E-cadherin in regulating electrotaxis. In additional support of an adhesion-independent role of E-cadherin, isolated cells with reduced E-cadherin expression reoriented within an applied electric field 60% more quickly than control. These results have implications for the role of E-cadherin expression in electrotaxis and demonstrate proof-of-concept of an automated algorithm that is broadly applicable to the analysis of collective migration in a wide range of physiological and pathophysiological contexts.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6816619 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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