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'Fat's chances': Loci for phenotypic dispersion in plasma leptin in mouse models of diabetes mellitus.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Leptin, a critical mediator of feeding, metabolism and diabetes, is expressed on an incidental basis according to satiety. The genetic regulation of leptin should similarly be episodic. METHODOLOGY:Data from three mouse cohorts hosted by the Jackson Laboratory- 402 (174F, 228M) F2 Dilute Brown non-Agouti (DBA/2)×DU6i intercrosses, 142 Non Obese Diabetic (NOD/ShiLtJ×(NOD/ShiLtJ×129S1/SvImJ.H2g7) N2 backcross females, and 204 male Nonobese Nondiabetic (NON)×New Zealand Obese (NZO/HlLtJ) reciprocal backcrosses-were used to test for loci associated with absolute residuals in plasma leptin and arcsin-transformed percent fat ('phenotypic dispersion'; PDpLep and PDAFP). Individual data from 1,780 mice from 43 inbred strains was also used to estimate genetic variances and covariances for dispersion in each trait. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS:Several loci for PDpLep were detected, including possibly syntenic Chr 17 loci, but there was only a single position on Chr 6 for PDAFP. Coding SNP in genes linked to the consensus Chr 17 PDpLep locus occurred in immunological and cancer genes, genes linked to diabetes and energy regulation, post-transcriptional processors and vomeronasal variants. There was evidence of intersexual differences in the genetic architecture of PDpLep. PDpLep had moderate heritability [Formula: see text] and PDAFP low heritability [Formula: see text]; dispersion in these traits was highly genetically correlated r = 0.8). CONCLUSIONS:Greater genetic variance for dispersion in plasma leptin, a physiological trait, may reflect its more ephemeral nature compared to body fat, an accrued progressive character. Genetic effects on incidental phenotypes such as leptin might be effectively characterized with randomization-detection methodologies in addition to classical approaches, helping identify incipient or borderline cases or providing new therapeutic targets.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6818960 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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