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The effects of zinc deficiency on homeostasis of twelve minerals and trace elements in the serum, feces, urine and liver of rats.

ABSTRACT: Background:Zinc deficiency can change the concentrations of minerals and trace elements in the body. However, previous studies still had many limitations. Objective:To reveal the effects of zinc deficiency on homeostasis of 16 minerals and trace elements. Methods:Forty-five rats were divided randomly into three groups: normal zinc diet (30 mg/kg), low zinc diet (10 mg/kg), and pair-fed diet(30 mg/kg). The concentrations of 16 minerals and trace elements in serum, feces, urine, and liver were measured by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The excretion of 16 elements in urine and feces were calculated and compared. Results:Zinc-deficient rats exhibited significant changes in up to 12 minerals and trace elements. The low zinc diet induced decreased excretion of zinc and concentrations of zinc in serum, feces, urine, and liver. Zinc deficiency increased feces concentrations of Mg, Cu, Se, K, Ag, Fe and Mn; decreased the concentrations of Mg, Cu, Se, K in liver and urine, and a diminished amount of Ag was observed in serum. Decreased urinary concentrations of Zn Ca, Mg, Cu, Se, K, Na, As and Cr, suggested that zinc-deficient rats increased the 9 elements' renal reabsorption. Decreased concentrations of Ca in liver, urine, and feces, decreased excretion in urine and feces and increased serum total Ca suggested that zinc deficiency increased the redistribution of Ca in serum or other tissues. Zinc deficiency increased excretion of Cu, Se, Fe; and decreased the excretion of other 8 elements except for Ag. Conclusions:Zinc deficiency changed the excretion, reabsorption and redistribution of 12 minerals and trace elements in rats. Our findings are the first to show that zinc deficiency alters the concentrations of Ag, Cr, and As. Graphical abstract: Supplementary information:Supplementary information accompanies this paper at 10.1186/s12986-019-0395-y.

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