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Molecular characterization of hypothetical scaffolding-like protein S1 in multienzyme complex produced by Paenibacillus curdlanolyticus B-6.

ABSTRACT: Paenibacillus curdlanolyticus B-6 produces an extracellular multienzyme complex containing a hypothetical scaffolding-like protein and several xylanases and cellulases. The largest (280-kDa) component protein, called S1, has cellulose-binding ability and xylanase activity, thus was considered to function like the scaffolding proteins found in cellulosomes. S1 consists of 863 amino acid residues with predicted molecular mass 91,029 Da and includes two N-terminal surface layer homology (SLH) domains, but most of its sequence shows no homology with proteins of known function. Native S1 (nS1) was highly glycosylated. Purified nS1 and recombinant Xyn11A (rXyn11A) as a major xylanase subunit could assemble in a complex, but recombinant S1 (rS1) could not interact with rXyn11A, indicating that S1 glycosylation is necessary for assembly of the multienzyme complex. nS1 and rS1 showed weak, typical endo-xylanase activity, even though they have no homology with known glycosyl hydrolase family enzymes. S1 and its SLH domains bound tightly to the peptide-glycan layer of P. curdlanolyticus B-6, microcrystalline cellulose, and insoluble xylan, indicating that the SLHs of S1 bind to carbohydrate polymers and the cell surface. When nS1 and rXyn11A were co-incubated with birchwood xylan, the degradation ability was synergistically increased compared with that for each protein; however synergy was not observed for rS1 and rXynA. These results indicate that S1 may have a scaffolding protein-like function by interaction with enzyme subunits and polysaccharides through its glycosylated sites and SLH domains.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6823336 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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