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Prenatal vitamin D levels and child wheeze and asthma.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Maternal vitamin D status during pregnancy may influence lung development and risk of childhood wheeze and asthma. We investigated the relationship between prenatal vitamin D and child asthma in a racially diverse cohort with a high burden of vitamin D insufficiency and child asthma. MATERIALS AND METHODS:We included mother-child dyads in the prenatal Conditions Affecting Neurocognitive Development and Learning in Early Childhood (CANDLE) cohort (2006-2011, Shelby County, Tennessee). Maternal plasma vitamin D [25(OH)D] was measured from second trimester (n?=?1091) and delivery specimens (n?=?907). At age 4-6 years, we obtained parent report of current child wheeze (symptoms within the past 12 months) and asthma (physician diagnosis and/or medication or symptoms within the past 12 months). We used multivariable logistic regression to assess associations of 25(OH)D and child wheeze/asthma, including an interaction term for maternal race. RESULTS:Median second trimester 25(OH)D levels were 25.1 and 19.1?ng/ml in White (n?=?366) and Black women (N?=?725), respectively. We detected significant interactions by maternal race for second-trimester plasma 25(OH)D and child current wheeze (p = .014) and asthma (p = .011). Odds of current wheeze and asthma decreased with increasing 25(OH)D in dyads with White mothers and increased in dyads with Black mothers, e.g. adjusted odds ratio (95% confidence interval) for asthma: 0.63 (0.36-1.09) and 1.41 (1.01-1.97) per interquartile range (15-27?ng/ml 25[OH]D) increase, respectively. At delivery, protective associations in White dyads were attenuated. CONCLUSION:We detected effect modification by maternal race in associations between prenatal 25(OH)D and child wheeze/asthma. Further research in racially diverse populations is needed.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6824925 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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