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Endoscopic Management of Tympanic Membrane Retraction Pockets: A Two Handed Technique with Endoscope Holder.

ABSTRACT: The tympanic membrane retraction pocket is a pathological invagination of tympanic membrane into the middle ear space. The most common sites for formation of retraction pocket are pars flaccida and postero-superior parts. Decision about the procedure and the timing of the treatment of retraction pockets is debatable and depends on the functional and anatomic condition of the ear. To evaluate the results of the technique of two handed endoscopic management of retraction pockets with sliced tragal cartilage. Prospective Non Randomized Clinical Study. The study included 41 ears operated with the technique of two handed endoscopic cartilage tympanoplasty for retraction pockets with endoscope holders from November 2013 to May 2016 with a follow up period ranging from 22 to 53 months. Cases of cholesteatoma and tympanic membrane perforation were excluded from the study. Pre and postoperative symptoms and air-bone gaps were recorded. The average preoperative air-bone gap in the study group was 24.53?±?4.326 dB. 28 ears were of pars tensa retractions (stage II-4, stage III-15, and stage IV-9) and 13 were pars flaccida retractions (stage III-8 and stage IV-5). 24 ears had ossicular erosion. The follow up revealed that, the results of two handed endoscopic sliced cartilage tympanoplasty for retraction pockets were stable and there was no recurrence of the retraction and the post-operative air-bone-gap closure was achieved to 13.62?±?4.78, 14.13?±?5.91 dB, 14.32?±?3.46 and 14.57?±?3.88 dB at 6 months, 1?year, 2?years, 3?years respectively. Though, indications for surgery are based mostly on anatomic status and observation of behaviour of retraction pocket over time, we recommend early management of retraction pockets by the technique of endoscopic sliced tragal cartilage tympanoplasty with tragal cartilage of 0.5 mm thickness using endoscope holder. Level of Evidence: Level 4.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6838262 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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