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A comparison of haematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood and peripheral blood for platelet production in a microfluidic device.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:Several sources of haematopoietic stem cells have been used for static culture of megakaryocytes to produce platelets in vitro. This study compares and characterizes platelets produced in shear flow using precursor cells from either umbilical (UCB) or adult peripheral blood (PB). MATERIALS AND METHODS:The efficiency of platelet production of the cultured cells was studied after perfusion in custom-built von Willebrand factor-coated microfluidic flow chambers. Platelet receptor expression and morphology were investigated by flow cytometry and microscopy, respectively. RESULTS:Proliferation of stem cells isolated out of UCB was significantly higher (P < 0·0001) compared to PB. Differentiation of these cells towards megakaryocytes was significantly lower from PB compared to UCB where the fraction of CD42b/CD41 double positive events was 44 ± 9% versus 76 ± 11%, respectively (P < 0·0001). However, in vitro platelet production under hydrodynamic conditions was more efficient with 7·4 platelet-like particles per input cell from PB compared to 4·2 from UCB (P = 0·02). The percentage of events positive for CD42b, CD41 and CD61 was comparable between both stem cell sources. The mean number of receptors per platelet from UCB and PB was similar to that on blood bank platelets with on average 28 000 CD42b, 57 000 CD61 and 5500 CD49b receptors. Microscopy revealed platelets appearing similar to blood bank platelets in morphology, size and actin cytoskeleton, alongside smaller fragments and source megakaryocytes. CONCLUSION:This characterization study suggests that platelets produced in vitro under flow either from UCB or from PB share receptor expression and morphology with donor platelets stored in the blood bank.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6850637 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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