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Chromoblastomycosis caused by Rhinocladiella aquaspersa: first case report in Guatemala.

ABSTRACT: The authors report a case of 40-year-old male patient with a five-year history of chromoblastomycosis on his right leg. Diagnosis was performed by direct 40% KOH exam of skin scales, culture with micro- and macromorphologic analysis, and genotypic characterization (sequencing of a fragment of the ITS region and phylogenetic analysis) of the isolated fungus. Rhinocladiella aquaspersa was identified as the etiological agent. Initially, the treatment was with oral itraconazole 200mg/day for one year. However, the presence of "sclerotic cells" with filaments ("Borelli spiders") resulted in a change of medical treatment: a higher dose of itraconazole (400mg/day) and surgery, achieving clinical and mycological cure in one year. This is the first report of chromoblastomycosis caused by R. aquaspersa in Guatemala.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6857580 | BioStudies |

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