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Vaccinia Virus Ankyrin-Repeat/F-Box Protein Targets Interferon-Induced IFITs for Proteasomal Degradation.

ABSTRACT: IFITs are interferon-induced proteins that can bind 5'-triphosphate or ribose-unmethylated capped ends of mRNA to inhibit translation. Although some viruses avoid IFITs by synthesizing RNAs with eukaryotic-like caps, no viral proteins were known to antagonize IFITs. We show that the N- and C-terminal portions of C9, a protein required for vaccinia virus to resist the human type I interferon-induced state, bind IFITs and ubiquitin regulatory complexes, respectively. Together, the two C9 domains target IFITs for proteasomal degradation, thereby providing interferon resistance similar to that also achieved by knockout of IFITs. Furthermore, ectopic expression of C9 rescues the interferon sensitivity of a vaccinia virus mutant with an inactivated cap 1-specific ribose-methyltransferase that is otherwise unable to express early proteins. In contrast, the C9-deletion mutant expresses early proteins but is blocked by IFITs at the subsequent genome uncoating/replication step. Thus, poxviruses use mRNA cap methylation and proteosomal degradation to defeat multiple antiviral activities of IFITs.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC6876622 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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