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The FCGR2C allele that modulated the risk of HIV-1 infection in the Thai RV144 vaccine trial is implicated in HIV-1 disease progression.

ABSTRACT: In the HIV-1 Thai RV144 vaccine trial-the only trial to demonstrate any vaccine efficacy to date-a three-variant haplotype within the Fc gamma receptor 2C gene (FCGR2C) modified the risk of HIV-1 acquisition. A similar vaccine regimen is currently being evaluated in South Africa in the HVTN702 trial, where the predominant population is polymorphic for only a single variant in the haplotype, c.134-96C>T. To investigate the significance of c.134-96C>T in HIV-specific immunity in South Africans, this study assessed its role in HIV-1 disease progression. In a cohort of HIV-1-infected South African controllers (n?=?71) and progressors (n?=?73), the c.134-96C>T minor allele significantly associated with increased odds of HIV-1 disease progression (odds ratio 3.80, 95% confidence interval 1.90-7.62; P?=?2.0?×?10-4, PBonf?=?2.4?×?10-3). It is unlikely that the underlying mechanism involves wild-type Fc?RIIc function, since only a single study participant was predicted to express wild-type Fc?RIIc as determined by the FCGR2C c.798+1A>G splice-site variant. Conversely, in silico analysis revealed a potential role for c.134-96C>?T in modulating mRNA transcription. In conclusion, these data provide additional evidence towards a role for FCGR2C c.134-96C>T in the context of HIV-1 and underscore the need to investigate its significance in the HVTN702 efficacy trial in South Africa.

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