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Talar Dome Investigation and Talocrural Joint Axis Analysis Based on Three-Dimensional (3D) Models: Implications for Prosthetic Design.

ABSTRACT: Ankle joint kinematics is mainly stabilized by the morphology of the talar dome and the articular surface of tibiofibular mortise as well as the medial and lateral ligament complexes. Because of this the bicondylar geometry of talus dome is believed to be crucial for ankle implant design. However, little data exist describing the precise anatomy of the talar dome and the talocrural joint axis. The aim of this study is to document the anatomy of the talar dome and the axis of the talocrural joint using three-dimensional (3D) computed tomographic (CT) modeling. Seventy-one participants enrolled for CT scanning and 3D talar model reconstruction. All the ankles were held in a neutral position during the CT scanning. Six points on the lateral and medial crest of the talar dome were defined. The coordinate of the six points; radii of lateral-anterior (R-LA), lateral-posterior (R-LP), medial-anterior (R-MA), and medial-posterior (R-MP) sections; and inclination angle of the talar dome were measured, and the inclination and deviation angles of the talocrural joint axis were determined. The mean values of R-LA, R-LP, R-MA, and R-MP were 19.23?±?2.47?mm, 18.76?±?2.90?mm, 17.02?±?3.49?mm, and 22.75?±?3.04?mm. The mean inclination angle of the talar dome was 9.86?±?3.30 degrees. Gender variation was found in this parameter. The mean inclination and deviation angles were 8.60?±?0.07 and 0.76?±?0.69 degrees for the dorsiflexion axis and -7.34?±?0.07 and 0.09?±?0.18 degrees for the plantarflexion axis. Bilateral asymmetries between the medial and lateral crest of the talar dome were found, which resulted in different dorsiflexion and plantarflexion axes of the talocrural joint. Currently, no ankle implants replicate this talar anatomy, and these findings should be considered in future implant designs.

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