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Neonatal Diet Impacts Bioregional Microbiota Composition in Piglets Fed Human Breast Milk or Infant Formula.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Early infant diet influences postnatal gut microbial development, which in turn can modulate the developing immune system. OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to characterize diet-specific bioregional microbiota differences in piglets fed either human breast milk (HM) or infant formula. METHODS:Male piglets (White Dutch Landrace Duroc) were raised on HM or cow milk formula (MF) from postnatal day (PND) 2 to PND 21 and weaned to an ad libitum diet until PND 51. Piglets were euthanized on either PND 21 or PND 51, and the gastrointestinal contents were collected for 16s RNA sequencing. Data were analyzed using the Quantitative Insight into Microbial Ecology. Diversity measurements (Chao1 and Shannon) and the Wald test were used to determine relative abundance. RESULTS:At PND 21, the ileal luminal region of HM-fed piglets showed lower Chao1 operational taxonomic unit diversity, while Shannon diversity was lower in cecal, proximal colon (PC), and distal colon (DC) luminal regions, relative to MF-fed piglets. In addition, at PND 51, the HM-fed piglets had lower genera diversity within the jejunum, ileum, PC, and DC luminal regions, relative to MF-fed piglets. At PND 21, Turicibacter was 4- to 5-fold lower in the HM-fed piglets' ileal, cecal, PC, and DC luminal regions, relative to the MF-fed piglets. Campylobacter is 3- to 6-fold higher in HM-fed piglets duodenal, ileal, cecal, PC, and DC luminal regions, in comparison to MF-fed piglets. Furthermore, the large intestine (cecum, PC, and rectum) luminal region of HM-fed piglets showed 4- to 7-fold higher genera that belong to class Bacteroidia, in comparison to MF-fed piglets at PND 21. In addition, at PND 51 distal colon lumen of HM-fed piglets showed 1.5-fold higher genera from class Bacteroidia than the MF-fed piglets. CONCLUSIONS:In the large intestinal regions (cecum, PC, and rectum), MF diet alters microbiota composition, relative to HM diet, with sustained effects after weaning from the neonatal diet. These microbiota changes could impact immune system and health outcomes later in life.

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