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Promising Prognosis Marker Candidates on the Status of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Glioma Stem Cells in Glioblastoma.

ABSTRACT: Multivariable analyses of global expression profiling are valid indicators of the prognosis of various diseases including brain cancers. To identify the candidates for markers of prognosis of glioblastoma, we performed multivariable analyses on the status of epithelial (EPI)-mesenchymal (MES) transition (EMT), glioma (GLI) stem cells (GSCs), molecular target therapy (MTT), and potential glioma biomarkers (PGBs) using the expression data and clinical information from patients. Random forest survival and Cox proportional hazards regression analyses indicated significant variable values for DSG3, CLDN1, CDH11, FN1, HDAC3/7, PTEN, L1CAM, OLIG2, TIMP4, IGFBP2, and GFAP. The analyses also comprised prognosis prediction formulae that could distinguish between the survival curves of the glioblastoma patients. In addition to the genes mentioned above, HDAC1, FLT1, EGFR, MGMT, PGF, STAT3, SIRT1, and GADD45A constituted complex genetic interaction networks. The calculated status scores obtained by principal component analysis indicated that GLI genes covered the status of EPI, GSC, and MTT-related genes. Moreover, survival tree analyses indicated that MEShigh, MEShighGLIlow, GSChighGLIlow, MEShighMTTlow, and PGBhigh showed poor prognoses and MESmiddle, GSClow, and PGBlow showed good prognoses, suggesting that enhanced EMT and GSC are associated with poor survival and that lower expression of EPI markers and the pre-stages of EMT are relatively less malignant in glioblastoma. These results demonstrate that the assessment of EMT and GSC enables the prediction of the prognosis of glioblastoma that would help develop novel therapeutics and de novo marker candidates for the prognoses of glioblastoma.

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