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Heme-Cu Binucleating Ligand Supports Heme/O2 and FeII-CuI/O2 Reactivity Providing High- and Low-Spin FeIII-Peroxo-CuII Complexes.

ABSTRACT: The focus of this study is in the description of synthetic heme/copper/O2 chemistry employing a heme-containing binucleating ligand which provides a tridentate chelate for copper ion binding. The addition of O2 (-80 °C, tetrahydrofuran (THF) solvent) to the reduced heme compound (PImH)FeII (1), gives the oxy-heme adduct, formally a heme-superoxide complex FeIII-(O2•-) (2) (resonance Raman spectroscopy (rR): ?O-O, 1171 cm-1 (?18O2, -61 cm-1); ?Fe-O, 575 cm-1 (?18O2, -24 cm-1)). Simple warming of 2 to room temperature regenerates reduced complex 1; this reaction is reversible, as followed by UV-vis spectroscopy. Complex 2 is electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)-silent and exhibits upfield-shifted pyrrole resonances (? 9.12 ppm) in 2H NMR spectroscopy, indicative of a six-coordinate low-spin heme. The coordination of the tethered imidazolyl arm to the heme-superoxide complex as an axial base ligand is suggested. We also report the new fully reduced heme-copper complex [(PImH)FeIICuI]+ (3), where the copper ion is bound to the tethered tridentate portion of PImH. This reacts with O2 to give a distinctive low-temperature-stable, high-spin (S = 2, overall) peroxo-bridged complex [(PImH)FeIII-(O22-)-CuII]+ (3a): ?max, 420 (Soret), 545, 565 nm; ?pyrr, 93 ppm; ?O-O, 799 cm-1 (?18O2, -48 cm-1); ?Fe-O, 524 cm-1 (?18O2, -23 cm-1). To 3a, the addition of dicyclohexylimidazole (DCHIm), which serves as a heme axial base, leads to low-spin (S = 0 overall) species complex [(DCHIm)(PImH)FeIII-(O22-)-CuII]+ (3b): ?max, 425 (Soret), 538 nm; ?pyrr, 10.2 ppm; ?O-O, 817 cm-1 (?18O2, -55 cm-1); ?Fe-O, 610 cm-1 (?18O2, -26 cm-1). These investigations into the characterization of the O2-adducts from (PImH)FeII (1) with/without additional copper chelation advance our understanding of the dioxygen reactivity of heme-only and heme/Cu-ligand heterobinuclear system, thus potentially relevant to O2 reduction in heme-copper oxidases or fuel-cell chemistry.

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