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Influence of Mixed Valence on the Formation of Oxygen Vacancy in Cerium Oxides.

ABSTRACT: Ceria is one of the most important functional rare-earth oxides with wide industrial applications. Its amazing oxygen storage/release capacity is attributed to cerium's flexible valence conversion between 4+ and 3+. However, there still exists some debate on whether the valence conversion is due to the Ce-4f electron localization-delocalization transition or the character of Ce-O covalent bonds. In this work, a mixed valence model was established and the formation energies of oxygen vacancies and electronic charges were obtained by density functional theory calculations. Our results show that the formation energy of oxygen vacancy is affected by the valence state of its neighboring Ce atom and two oxygen vacancies around a Ce4+ in CeO2 have a similar effect to a Ce3+. The electronic charge difference between Ce3+ and Ce4+ is only about 0.4e. Therefore, we argue that the valence conversion should be understood according to the adjustment of the ratio of covalent bond to ionic bond. We propose that the formation energy of oxygen vacancy be used as a descriptor to determine the valence state of Ce in cerium oxides.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6947290 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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