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Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide and Substance P As Predictors of Venous Pelvic Pain.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this work was to study the contents of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) and substance P (SP) in the blood plasma of patients with pelvic varicose veins. Thirty women with pelvic varicosities and a reflux blood flow were investigated using duplex ultrasonography. Group 1 included 18 patients with clinical signs of the pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS), including venous pelvic pain (VPP). Group 2 consisted of 12 patients with pelvic varicosities with no clinical signs of PCS. Group 1. The score of VPP intensity ranged from 4 to 8; the mean score being 4.84 ± 0.43. The CGRP level in the studied group ranged from 0.39 to 1.01 ng/mL; the SP level ranged from 0.005 to 1.33 ng/mL. Group 2. The CGRP values were 0.15-0.32 ng/mL, and the SP range was 0.003-0.3 ng/mL. In this group, the levels of the studied peptides were 3-5 times lower than those for the patients with VPP. Group 3. The mean CGRP values were 0.06 ± 0.003 ng/mL, and the mean SP values were 0.03 ± 0.001 ng/mL. These values were considered as the reference parameters; a statistical analysis was performed for them. The correlation analysis revealed a strong relationship between the CGRP and VPP levels (r = 0.82) and a medium correlation between the SP level and pelvic pain in Group 1. The CGRP and SP levels in blood plasma highly correlate with the presence of pelvic venous pain.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6977958 | BioStudies |

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