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Limited positive effects on jump-landing technique in girls but not in boys after 8 weeks of injury prevention exercise training in youth football.

ABSTRACT: PURPOSE:To evaluate changes in jump-landing technique in football-playing boys and girls after 8 weeks of injury prevention training. METHODS:Four boys' and four girls' teams (mean age 14.1?±?0.8 years) were instructed to use either the original Knee Control injury prevention exercise programme (IPEP) or a further developed IPEP, Knee Control?+?, at every training session for 8 weeks. Baseline and follow-up testing of jump-landing technique included drop vertical jumps (DVJ), assessed subjectively and with two-dimensional movement analysis, and tuck jump assessment (TJA). RESULTS:Only minor differences in intervention effects were seen between the two IPEPs, and results are therefore presented for both intervention groups combined. At baseline 30% of the boys showed good knee control during the DVJ, normalised knee separation distances of 77-96% (versus hip) and a median of 3 flaws during the TJA. Among girls, 22% showed good knee control, normalised knee separation distances of 67-86% and a median of 4 flaws during the TJA. At follow-up, boys and girls performed significantly more jumps during TJA. No changes in jump-landing technique were seen in boys, whereas girls improved their knee flexion angle at initial contact in the DVJ (mean change?+?4.7°, p?

SUBMITTER: Lindblom H 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6994440 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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