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Application of Ultra-Centrifugation and Bench-Top 19F NMR for Measuring Drug Phase Partitioning for the Ophthalmic Oil-in-Water Emulsion Products.

ABSTRACT: Generic drug products are expected to have the same active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) (Q1) with the same content (Q2) and microstructure arrangement (Q3) as the innovator product. In complex oil-in-water emulsion drugs, the hydrophobic API is mainly formulated in oil droplets stabilized by surfactant and micelles composed of extra surfactant molecules. The API phase partition in oil and water (mainly micelle) is a critical quality attribute (CQA) of emulsion product in demonstrating physicochemical equivalence using difluprednate (DFPN) emulsion product Durezol® as a model, we developed a novel low-field benchtop NMR method to demonstrate its applicability in measuring DFPN phase partition for ophthalmic oil-in-water emulsion products. Low-field 19F spectra were collected for DFPN in formulation, in water phase and oil phase after separation from ultra-centrifugation. The NMR data showed the mass balance of DFPN before and after phase separation. The average water phase content of different Durezol® lots was 32 ± 3% with 1% variation from method reproducibility test. The partition results were 52 ± 2% for the in-house control products prepared in Q1/Q2 equivalence to Durezol® but by a different process. The significant difference in DFPN-phase partition between Durezol® and the in-house formulation demonstrated manufacture difference readily changed the API partition. The newly developed ultra-centrifugation and 19F NMR by benchtop instrument is a simple, robust, and sensitive analytical method for ophthalmic emulsion drug product development and control.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC6995277 | BioStudies |

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