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Streptomyces sp. VN1, a producer of diverse metabolites including non-natural furan-type anticancer compound.

ABSTRACT: Streptomyces sp. VN1 was isolated from the coastal region of Phu Yen Province (central Viet Nam). Morphological, physiological, and whole genome phylogenetic analyses suggested that strain Streptomyces sp. VN1 belonged to genus Streptomyces. Whole genome sequencing analysis showed its genome was 8,341,703 base pairs in length with GC content of 72.5%. Diverse metabolites, including cinnamamide, spirotetronate antibiotic lobophorin A, diketopiperazines cyclo-L-proline-L-tyrosine, and a unique furan-type compound were isolated from Streptomyces sp. VN1. Structures of these compounds were studied by HR-Q-TOF ESI/MS/MS and 2D NMR analyses. Bioassay-guided purification yielded a furan-type compound which exhibited in vitro anticancer activity against AGS, HCT116, A375M, U87MG, and A549 cell lines with IC50 values of 40.5, 123.7, 84.67, 50, and 58.64?µM, respectively. In silico genome analysis of the isolated Streptomyces sp. VN1 contained 34 gene clusters responsible for the biosynthesis of known and/or novel secondary metabolites, including different types of terpene, T1PKS, T2PKS, T3PKS, NRPS, and hybrid PKS-NRPS. Genome mining with HR-Q-TOF ESI/MS/MS analysis of the crude extract confirmed the biosynthesis of lobophorin analogs. This study indicates that Streptomyces sp. VN1 is a promising strain for biosynthesis of novel natural products.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7000394 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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