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DLX6-AS1 promotes cell proliferation, migration and EMT of gastric cancer through FUS-regulated MAP4K1.

ABSTRACT: Gastric cancer (GC) is the second most prevalent carcinoma resulting in cancer-related deaths in the world, with differences among geographic areas. Although the incidence and mortality rates of GC in Asia are decreasing, the search for diverse and effective therapies of GC is still needed to be fully inquired. The present research explored the expression pattern, functional role and underlying mechanism of DLX6-AS1 in GC. Firstly, we measured DLX6-AS1 expression in GC and then found the elevated level of DLX6-AS1. To further inspect the function role of DLX6-AS1 involved in GC, we performed lost-of-function assays. The silencing of DLX6-AS1 suppressed cell proliferation, migration and EMT process of GC cells. Subsequently, we uncovered that MAP4K1 was also up-regulated in GC and could be positively regulated by DLX6-AS1. Moreover, MAP4K1 down-regulation similarly inhibited GC progression. In addition, DLX6-AS1 stabilized MAP4K1 via modulating FUS. In summary, DLX6-AS1 modulated GC progression through FUS-regulated MAP4K1. Our paper exposed the role and regulatory mechanism of DLX6-AS1 in GC, which suggested a novel and valid therapy for GC patients.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7012178 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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