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Performance of a 6D Treatment Chair for Patient Positioning in an Upright Posture for Fixed Ion Beam Lines.

ABSTRACT: Purpose: To evaluate the mechanical accuracy and the robustness of position alignment under x-ray-based image guidance of a treatment chair with six degrees of freedom (6DTC) which was developed for patient treatment in an upright posture at fixed horizontal beam lines in particle (proton, carbon ion, or others) radiotherapy facilities. Method and Material: The positional accuracy including translational and axial rotational accuracy of the 6DTC was evaluated by using a Vicon Motion Capture System (VMCS). Stability of the chair rotation isocenter was determined by a CCD camera with an in-house developed software. The tests were carried out to examine two key motion components of the 6DTC: a floor/rail-mount 360°-rotating platform and a 6-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) platform. The measurement results were compared to that of a commercial clinical robot couch. The accuracy of position alignment, simulating the actual clinical protocol, through an Image-guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) system was studied at the pre-treatment position and beam specific treatment position. Results: The translational accuracy was 0.12 mm (SD 0.07 mm) for the 6DOF platform. The rotational accuracy was 0.04° (SD 0.03°) and 0.02° (SD 0.02°) for the 6DOF platform and the 360° -rotating platform, respectively. The displacement between the chair rotation center and the room isocenter center was no more than 0.18 mm in all three rotational axes. Combined with an x-ray-based IGRT system, the treatment alignment test with a rigid phantom yielded a total positional accuracy of 0.23 mm (SD 0.17 mm) and 0.14° (SD 0.14°) at treatment position. Conclusions: On the basis of the rigid phantom study, the 6DTC showed comparable accuracy to the robot treatment couch. Combining with the IGRT, the 6DTC can provide position alignment with submillimeter accuracy for rigid phantom in upright posture.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7026365 | BioStudies |

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