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Functionally Graded Knitted Actuators with NiTi-Based Shape Memory Alloys for Topographically Self-Fitting Wearables.

ABSTRACT: Advances in actuating fabrics can enable a paradigm shift in the field of smart wearables by dynamically fitting themselves to the unique topography of the human body. Applications including soft wearable robotics, continuous health monitoring, and body-mounted haptic feedback systems are dependent upon simultaneous body proximity and garment stiffness for functionality. Passive fabrics and fitting mechanisms are unable to conform around surface concavities and require either high elasticity or a multiplicity of closure devices to achieve garment fit. The design, manufacture, and validation of the first circumferentially contractile and topographic self-fitting garments composed of NiTi-based shape memory alloy (SMA) knitted actuators that dynamically conform to the unique shape and size of the wearer's body in response to a change of the garment's temperature is introduced. Advanced materials and systems innovations 1) enable novel garment manufacturing and application strategies, 2) facilitate topographical fitting (spatial actuation) through garment architectural design, and 3) provide tunable NiTi-based SMA actuation temperatures to enable actuation on the surface of human skin. This research represents a paradigm shift for wearable applications by redefining garment fit to fully topographical conformation to the wearer through advanced materials and structures design.

SUBMITTER: Granberry R 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7032067 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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