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Development of a food atlas for Sri Lankan adults.

ABSTRACT: Background:Obtaining reliable food portion size estimations in dietary surveys found to be a difficult task. A food atlas is a set of photograph series depicting different amounts of a particular food, usually bound together in a single volume that can be used to describe portion sizes. By this paper we aim to explain the methods used in developing a photographic food atlas for Sri Lankan adults and to discuss its usage, advantages and limitations. Methods:Foods that are commonly consumed in Sri Lanka were recognized by a local nutritional survey, market survey and interviewing nutrition experts. In obtaining food items, certain dishes were prepared according to a standard recipe book while other items were purchased from recognized restaurants and the local market. White color crockery or/with blue color board was used to present the food items and they were photographed by a professional photographer employing a camera setup recommended for food photography. Three types of photographs have been used to illustrate the food items; serial, range and guide. Mainly the serial photographs were taken using two cameras: one fixed at an angle of 5° to capture aerial views, and the other placed at an angle of 45° to represent the view of a person of average height, sitting at a table, looking at a plate on the table in front of him. The liquid portion series were photographed at an angle of 90° to get life-size images. The range and guide photographs were taken free hand so that all the items could be captured in the best way possible. Results:A total of 125 foods that are commonly consumed by Sri Lankan adults were selected to be depicted in the atlas; serial photographs of increasing portion sizes (n = 88 foods); range photographs depicting a range of sizes/varieties of a particular food, (n = 11), and guide photographs which represent the brands/types of a certain food item/category available in the market (n = 26). Conclusion:The food atlas will be a valuable resource for dietary surveys in Sri Lanka as well as in other South Asian countries where similar foods are consumed.

SUBMITTER: Jayawardena R 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7050724 | BioStudies | 2017-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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